Expansion 2016: Manual III & Keytec Touchscreen, and some Lights!


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Note: this update is split into 3; it got too long. This is part 1 of 3. 

1. New manual (MIDI Organ Keyboard)

2. Displays (keytec 17 in. USB, and iPad) 

3. Lighting and Monitor Mounts

In my previous post, I was absolutely gushing about how I’ve obtained another classic Midiworks keyboard with Pistons. (Not the pro, just the square ones). Along with a Keytec 17 in touch screen. The keyboard itself would have set me back $875 plus shipping and handling all the way from Canada if I were to purchase it brand new from Classic MIDIworks. I’m very happy with the trade off: my service in fixing a dead switch in the pedalboard for the person selling his entire system and my help in preparing the Hauptwerk components for their safe removal to be picked up by movers for its transportation to Virginia; in return, I get one of the manuals being sold and one Keytec touch screen!

I ended up taking the bottom manual there along with its keycheek, and the monitor on the right.

Transporting the above 2 items home took a little effort with just little ol’ me. Fortunately, the cabbie was nice enough to let me make 2 trips to get everything into my building, and the security dude from the lobby in my building was kind enough to help me take the monitor to the elevator while I cradled my keyboard so I didn’t have to make 2 trips.
My setup when I first started, and the “major” upgrades/additions since then:

First order of business, freeing the keyboard from its plastic stretch wrap prison. Wish I had someone to throw that ball of plastic at.

 Take the rack off my setup. Move the stack of keyboards back.

 At this point I had to leave because Ash Wesnesday mass somewhere needed an organist. Couldn’t pick up the work till after mass.

Next, put the new manual onto the desk, keycheek on the bottom. I could have just stacked the other 2 keyboards on top as is, but I wanted to rearrange it so that the 2 manuals with Pistons become the bottom 2 manuals. Don’t have pictures for restacking the keyboards but my previous post here shows how the plastic brackets are taken off/put back in and assembled, as well as how to daisy chain the MIDI ports.   

The only thing different was I had to use another 12v to power up the 3rd manual, it didn’t have the terminal for me to daisy chain the power to the other 2.    

Almost there!! Looks great!

Used Midi Monitor which can be downloaded here to test my signal flow. I.e.: to get that everything works as it should. And it does!!


Keyboards done!!! Now for the screens!  Just hop on over here if you feel so inclined to keep on reading!! 
Displays (keytec 17 in. USB, and iPad) 

Lighting and Monitor Mounts
My music rack needed more light, so I ordered some LED lights from Amazon and installed them onto my music rack. I had left overs, and that went to my windowsill. 🙂 working on projects like this is fun!! You can read more on how the LED lights and monitor mounts were installed here