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Pardon my bit of ranting in the first 3-4 paragraphs. Just explaining where this pedalboard comes from. Please scroll down to the picture of the pedals if you feel so inclined to skip over the ranting. 

So about 3 weeks(?) ago, I got word that someone in Midwood Brooklyn wanted to sell their entire Hauptwerk system, for about 1/2 to 1/3 off the price paid for via MIDIWORKS. (I itemized all the parts and components to come to this conclusion.)

It’s a SWEET sweet deal, but being that I am already a proud owner of a Hauptwerk system and he wanted to sell the whole thing… And I only wanted another keyboard to add to my setup with 2 manuals…

The next day, (I swear, it really was just the next day I think), I was in the car with a colleague from Emery Brothers and I mentioned to him that someone wanted to sell their whole Hauptwerk system for under 10k; he got me in touch with a Bob Gallagher, who lives in Richmond, VA and with whom Emery is currently working with on his church’s organ. Anyways… A week or so later, here we are! Bob had so very generously agreed that I can keep one keyboard (with key cheek), and one touch screen!! *squeal!!!*


I’m siting in the living room of the person who now doesn’t have a Hauptwerk, rather sad… I mean I would be sad; waiting for my cab to take me back to my studio apartment, while I write this post to update YOU my loyal Hauptwerk friend 😋:

Arrived around 3pm to Ave J midwood. Took my sweet time getting munchies and a drink because I knew it would be a while and I’ll need to keep my energy up! Walked very slowly (which apparently is debatable because apparently my normal walking speed is a sprint). Don arrived around 3:30pm and I started work right away!

This is the Hauptwerk to be dismantled. The bottom manual and the screen on the right is mine wooo!

One of these notes has a switch that needs replacing.
Called up my trusty friend Mr. Darryl Wood all the way from Canada to advise. He had to leave at around 4pm tho, which made me a little nervous but I managed!

First, we need to move the pedalboard out, you will see that there are wires coming out from the toe stud panels. That needs to be disconnected before we can go any further.  
Disconnecting the pedalboard required a little jiggling. The toe stud panels are held in place by 4 little wooden dowels on each panel. The connectors (for the pedals) are located behind the left and right toe stud board. (The middle plastic piece you see in the picture above and wedged between the toe studs connectors.) Wiggle a little till it comes loose. Repeat on both sides.

 Home free and ready to be worked on!! Stood the thing upright. Slide that back panel off, which required some (un)screwing. Swell shoes needed a bit of sliding as well to get at the screws obstructed by them. You may find that you’ll need to loosen them a little before they can be moved out of the way. I did that by turning the shiny screws there to loosen the clamps a little.
 A picture with the lid off. So neat!!

 Let us pause for a moment to admire, I mean examine, the circuit board.

 Unfortunately, I was momentarily defeated by the lack of the right tools needed. Found one that worked finally… A teeny tiny flat screw driver.


 Take out the faulty green thingy. Replace with a new replacement that was so conveniently left on the right there.
 The old, and the new. They look exactly the same!! haha.
Time to test out my handy work:


And while I’m at it might as well check the other 31 notes:

 they all work! It’s like Christmas!!

Time to wrap things up. Movers are on a schedule.  Gotta say, it’s nice to have professionals. Bob decided to employ the help of Pianoland Movers in Brooklyn. I mean, apparently this is the longest move they’ve done, according to Mike there with the manly beard and tiny manbun anyway; they’re professional piano movers, but they’ve never moved anything like this before! Always a first!!


And we’re done. Next step, Bob comes up from VA with a rental to drive it back to VA.

Next post. Getting this new keyboard and touchscreen all set up!!! I would have loved to do it tonight. I’m back at my apartment now. And I’m pretty spent. There’s always tomorrow! After all, I’ll have to take everything off my desk and also switch my manuals around, and also figure out how my music rack, which is custom made for my 2 manuals, will fit on top now that I have 3. Oh and where to put my huge 30″ apple monitor now. (It is currently perched rather precariously on top of an ikea wall thing and just the right height over the 2 manuals and music rack; definitely not kosher). Puzzle for another evening!!

By the way, I thought I would need another human to help me with dismantling the organ: didn’t. I thought I would need another human to help move my keyboard and monitor up to my apartment: didn’t. Got the cabbie to wait while I made 2 trips to get the stuff from the cab to the lobby. And security so delightfully offered to take the monitor to the elevator while I cradled the keyboard in my arms. Take that!!