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This small update will probably be pretty boring; unless you’re a geek like me who likes diagrams and things. 

Short version: newly finished keyboards too low. Old YAMAHA 3.25 inches higher. Must adjust height of table 3.25 inches higher to accommodate.

Long version: The Classic Midiworks CMK2A keyboards that I had just put together (see last post), sit 3.25 inches lower on the IKEA table than the Yamaha P95 that I had been using as my one and only manual since I first had it set up. It felt really weird, but since it was late already, I had to wait. I didn’t get home till around 12am the following night, so tonight was when I was able to finally get around to it. Luckily, I have the world’s most awesomest room mate to help with the manual labor! Haha

There’s the diagram of AGO specifications for console measurements. As you can see, the surface of the lower manual is supposed to be 29.5 inches above the center D of the pedals.

Using my trusty ol’ red measuring tape, I see that the middle D of the pedal to surface of my Great (lower keyboard) was 26.25in and needs to be 29.5in. (That’s a 3.25in difference if you don’t like math, which means I’ll need to make the legs 3.25in longer, which will make the table 3.25 in higher💁). That’s the IKEA A-leg that allows you to adjust the height of your table to your liking. The measurement from the bottom of the leg not including the black part to the other piece on top was 9 inches. Just got to pull it out to as close to 12.25in as possible.

Took this pic before my helper of the evening; Katie Morris, arrived to assist.

Also took the time waiting for her to figure out what we’ll need to do:All we had to do was love EVERYTHING OFF the table, tilt the table sideways so we could adjust the legs, and then put everything back.

Had a bit of trouble with one of the legs… You’re supposed to twist the part that goes up and down to achieve the right length for the leg, one of the legs felt stuck, and then when I DID get it moving, it was loose, and the length of the leg I wanted it to be at wouldn’t hold (it would go back in if I used even the slightest force to push it in, which means it will definitely not hold the table up). After about 10 minutes of slight panic, and brain starting to formulate plans on what to do if that leg was broken (perhaps stealing bricks from the neighbor’s garden hoping the gnome or the cat wouldn’t catch me), I somehow fixed it and got it to hold… Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. I just kept twisting and pushing and pulling back out and twisting some more and then all of a sudden it decided to work again. 

We were too busy to take pics during, but here’s the after! Who needs men when you’ve got a Katie Morris to help??

Final pic. Looks better with everything the right height, doesn’t it? Haha