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Update 2016:

The indiegogo campaign that was started when I FIRST started this project is unfortunately over. I am very grateful for everyone who’s shown me support. Words of encouragement go a long way!

If you’d like to give a little token of support in the mean time, please feel free to head on over to the following page! Much appreciated!

Buy now with PayPal

So… My indiegogo campaign is finally live!!! You can support and help with finishing this project by:

1. Sharing this crazy project with everyone you know, tweet, share, Instagram, etc, also talking about it in person with other people would also help!
2. Sending a word of encouragement if it pleases you 🙂
3. Sending others you know who may have an interest in electrical engineering, pipe organs, midi systems, nerdy computer stuff etc., this way
4. If you know anyone who might know someone who might have organ parts, please connect us, I’m still hunting for parts
5. Making a contribution yourself if you’re able to and tweet about it.


Took me forever to get the wording right, put enough info on there without being too boring… This project of building an organ in my room will be quite costly, and I’m hoping I can get at least a little bit of help from anyone who’s interested and would like to support what I’m trying to do!

Here’s the link to the campaign!


PLEASE help me meet the goal before it ends on November 05!!!

If you’ve been following my updates/progress on Instagram/Facebook/twitter and here on this blog, you know how absolutely excited I am about this project 🙂 it’s ok if you don’t feel like making an actual monetary donation, but if you think this is even a tiny bit interesting…. please share on Fb, send it a tweet on twitter, or post a pic on Instagram, or anyway you can think of to get people as excited as I am to get this project finished, I will love you forever!! ❤ ❤ ❤
** I welcome any questions/comments/advice/expertise you might have about the project. Please feel free to send me an email!!! If you got questions about the technicalities of the project, I would love to answer as well as I am able to. If you have comments and advice and words of advice that would help me with finishing this project, please send them to me! THANKS!!***