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Hey everyone!! It’s been a while since my last update. Been a bit busy. BUT I GOT A SWELL SHOE FOR CHRISTMAS!! Well, slightly after Christmas. 

The swell shoe I had purchased from eBay with every intention of midifying had mysteriously disappeared during my move…


All the packing peanuts and bubble wrap:    

Aaaaand here it is:   

 Freshly out of the plastic wrap and super duper shiny!!

Unfortunately the shoe I got from Midiworks was made for their own pedalboards/circuit boards, which just means I have to take out the wires and fit it with a new molex housing so it fits properly on my board, which I got from DTS Midi Systems. (PIC-1 Pedal and Swell Shoe Midi Encoder). 

  That’s the connection from the swell shoe:

That’s the swell pins where the wires go. Red wire goes to the plus, the black wire to ground the yellow wire to any of the 1-4 pins left. 

My amazing friend, Mr. Max Mayse once again came to the rescue by sending me the right connectors for my board!!      

After carefully plying the wires out:   

Then using a crimp, strip a bit off of each of the wires,  1 down, 2 to go tehee 😋   

Then put the stripped wires into the metal casings. The stripped part of the wire goes into the inner tab and then gets crimped, the other tab wraps around the plastic and holds it in place. Sorry, didn’t get pictures of that, but here it is after: 
Yea I labeled the molex so I know which wires goes where. Knowing me I’d probably get confused and stick them in the wrong hole. 

Time to stick it onto the board!!!   

Took some amount of fiddling with the DIP switches to get the shoes to send signals to my Mac but it finally did!! (Thanks again to Max). Here’s what it looks like with the right switches ON.  


Sorry the picture is blurry. It’s kind of hard having to hold the pedalboard upright with your body while taking a picture of the underside. It’s kinda heavy and I almost got crushed more than once! At one point the whole pedalboard rested on one of my legs. It was slightly painful. Haha!! 


Aaaaand voila!!  

Testing the midi signals (using MIDI Monitor): 

Started Hauptwerk to assign the shoe, (I did it with fingers crossed haha)

And finally, a little video:  
IT WORKS!!!!!! I mean it’s actually working!!!!

Next thing to tackle: how to mount the shoe properly. Right now the bottom bracket is under the pedalboard which prevents it from toppling over, but it still moves from side to side when I try to open and close it while playing.       

That’s all for now! I’ll update again when I’ve figured out how to have the shoe securely fixed to the pedalboard.