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Just to give you an idea of how my Hauptwerk will be set up.
IMG_8590.JPGSo last week, I made a trip to the IKEA in Hicksville, Long Island after getting my pedalboard and organ bench in Mineola, Long Island. Time was tight and Hicksville IKEA was closer than Brooklyn. They unfortunately didn’t have the GALANT 63″ desk I needed, in any of the colors, so I had to go again.

My original plan was to get the white GALANT desk. It was cheaper and would match the color and general setup of my room but the pedals and bench was dark brown so I thought maybe black would look better. IKEA Brooklyn didn’t have the black, and only had about 2 of the whites left. I REALLY didn’t want to wait any longer to make new developments with the Hauptwerk, so I settled for the white. Turns out it actually looks really cute!!
IMG_8589.JPGAgain, I know there are more than a few adjustments that needed to be made, just putting everything together after coming back from the trip took longer than I expected and it was already 1am before I knew it and I had to wake up at 5am to catch a train to Far Far Away, Bellmore, Long Island to play the next morning. (it was this morning).

1. The legs of the GALANT need to be brought down by 4 inches in accordance to AGO where the top of the first manual needs to be 29.5 inches above the middle D of the pedals.
2. Figure out how to set up my Mac, speakers, audio interface and hook the manual up to the Mac in such a way that makes sense while hiding cables and things so it looks nice.
3. Get the second manual (which is sitting under my bed at the moment) set up correctly over the first, then hook it up as well.
4. Figure out how to stick the music rack on top of everything.

Some pics of work in progress:
The Pedal encoder I bought earlier from DTS is arriving Monday (YAY!!) by USPS 2 day shipping, that’s really fast!
Also, I got an update from Mr. Max Mayse who says he had just dropped off a box at UPS with my name on it containing cables I would need that he MADE HIMSELF as well as some instructions to help me wire the pedals up!! So nice of him!! THANKS MR. MAX!