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So since I started this blog, Mr. Max Mayse, (who found me through one if the posts here on this blog) offered to help me with the logistics of the pedal wiring I was going to undertake and even offered to send me some cables and other stuff he has that I might need!! So grateful!! His only request was that I help others.

In return, if you’ll send me the connectors that come with the circuit board, I’d appreciate it. That, and some time do a similar favor for another organ student and pass it on.

This is the MIDI encoder I bought since I only needed MIDI encoding for my pedalboard as I already have midi keyboards and can worry about wiring manuals later when I actually get my hands on a few tracker touch manuals.

You can find the specs for it here: DTS MIDI Systems. If you’re not in the US, you can look get it from John’s Organ Works if you’re in the UK or Europeor contact Mr. Terry Lloyd if you’re in Australia.

There are other ones you could get if you need midi encoding for manuals as well. The one I got comes with analog inputs for up to four Swell Shoes as well so I can use this same encoder and add those on later when I get my hands on some swell shoes.

I got the one with “molex” connectors as opposed to ribbon connectors at the recommendation of Mr. Max.

The total came out to $141.95 and you could pay by PayPal.

I can’t WAIT to get them to start fiddling around with the wiring and REALLY get things going!!!

For the record, here are some other ones I was looking at that you could get:

Artisan Micro-MIDI Control System
This one comes with some instructions and is based in the US but have reps in the Philippines as well as Australia/New Zealand, UK, and Belgium. Shipping to places outside of US will probably be extra though, you will have to contact and ask the rep closest to your area if you’re interested in using their system. They have a contact us page with the reps info listed.

MIDI Boutique
I was looking at the mpc32xrs which is €175 (USD $233.90 as of 8-14-2014) for a while before I found out that they’re actually in Bulgaria. Apart from their slightly more hefty price, I had to take into account shipping cost from Europe to New York. If you’re in Europe, New Zealand or Australia, this might be worth looking into. (Thanks Mr. Christian McCallum, from Australia) This system comes with:

1x mpc32xrs pedalboard MIDI encoder
1x csr32p Reed-contact system
1x psa12s power supply adapter
1x cable plug of IDC10 type


Opus Two System
They’re in Canada… You can take a look at their price list here.

Hope this helps some of you with your Hauptwerk if you’re looking to start yours or need help finding systems. Or satisfied your curioisty if you just came here to find out what the heck I was up to haha =p