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My own personal Research Folder with Notes on AGO standard pedalboard, standard bench height, height of keyboards to pedalboard, readings on MIDI wiring, diagrams and schematics:


Sketch of where the organ is going in my room, with precise measurements! Taken with a tape measurer and everything!
I have a whole bunch of sites bookmarked, including:
Allen ‘Princess’ Pedalboard MIDI Conversion: a kind of walk through for MIDI encoding a pedalboard with contact blocks
Hauptwerk Forum
OPUS-TWO Instrument Control System
Artisan Organs: midi circuit boards & serial input boards
Classic MIDI Works
Mr. Randall Mullin’s Hauptwerk “walkthrough”
AGO Standard Console Specs
Midi Boutique: another MIDI system
DTS MIDI system: Midi encoders, controller cards, decoders etc (Ended up getting their PIC-1 Pedal and Swell Shoe Midi Encoder).

About the MIDI encoder from DTS:

This takes a wired key input and outputs a MIDI signal. The main circuit boards handle 64 keys + 24 pistons + 4 swell shoe potentiometers on one board. It can optionally control 64 stop controls + pistons +pots. (The difference is that stop controls are on continually; keys are given an ON signal and an OFF signal.”

I also have a Pinterest board with all sorts of useful info, images and ideas pinned up:

Hauptwerk AGO Organ Project: Sites that would help me put together my own Hauptwerk organ

CONSOLE ideas: Ideas for DIY organ consoles

Building the console: parts, materials for console building and where to get them

building the bench: I ended up buying my bench, but if you do decide to build one yourself…

MIDIfying Pedalboard + Manuals: getting a pedalboard and manuals midi ready.

Sound System for your Hauptwerk