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So, by the time August 1 came along, I was already pretty set on building my own Hauptwerk. But at the advice of a good friend, I decided that I would keep the appointment I had with the dude, Brian and his mom the organist, in Hicksville, Long Island. Plus, I had already bought the ticket. Who doesn’t like a random trip to the middle of Hicksville?


The appointment was for 3pm, the mom was nice enough to offer me a ride from the train station to their place so I don’t get lost, very thoughtful. But turns out that didn’t really help, I got lost anyway……..

I got off at an employees only station at Hillside Facility, way before I was supposed to get off. I was actually too busy messaging someone on fb to pay too much attention to where I was going so it was totally my fault. Anyways, I got out, and realized that there was not a single soul on the platform. I asked Brian which building I was supposed to walk toward, and he said the white one. I go there, and there was a turnstile that required a pass of some sort to get through.
IMG_8455.JPG I text him in a panic, then find out that I got off at the wrong stop. I didn’t know what to do at that point. Brian tried to be helpful… In the end, there was finally ONE person on the platform. I was a little scared but approached him anyway and asked him how I could get back to civilization.

His name was Kevin (I think), and he was there for training to help run the LIRR or something. We had some time before the train going back to Jamaica came, and lucky for me, he was actually nice and not creepy. We chatted a bit. He told me how my neighborhood of Dyker Heights got its name (apparently it was once a marshy area way back when, and had dykes clear out the area and make it suitable for living). He also mentioned a gold course there that he used to go to that is actually free to public and NOT mini golf. He was actually a golf instructor, and talked about the science of golfing, and how golf balls got “dimples”. (They used to use plain leather balls, but people realized that the balls flew straighter after they’ve been roughed up in play with tiny holes, so they made new golf balls with those dimples designed to make them go straighter. Interesting! Learn something new everyday!)

So we got back to Jamaica, where there were PEOPLE. And he made sure I was on the right platform to where I was going, and told me where to get off, and reassured me that I was gonna be alright before he went on his way. So nice!

Mrs. Mom picked me up near Dunkin donuts by the Hicksville station, and drove me to their home. It was a very cute place, quite lovely. And they were very nice people. She didn’t speak English very well so Brian had to translate for us. Basically I explained that I’ve talked to a lot of people who told me that $2300 for an organ of her model and age was way too much. I even recommended that they seek an appraisal from the Allen Organ Company to better price their organ for sale. Brian tells me that he’s tried to contact them but no one got back to him, so I offered to email my contact and get them in touch.

So, I left after offering $300 for the pedalboard and bench. Her organ didn’t have draw knobs or I would have offered to buy that too.

Mrs. Mom didn’t look too happy with how things were turning out, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they said I would have to find my own way back to the station, but lucky they didn’t.

On the way back, I heard from my contact at Allen that the appraisal wouldn’t happen till a week? after and that it would cost $90. I told Brian, who said,

Probably going to pass on the appraisal then but thank you anyway. We’ll contact other buyers and see what they think

Oh well. I tried. Nice story though huh? Getting lost in Hicksville.